Photography as a holistic passion

I don’t just offer photography services – I share people’s experiences during our time together. I always try to understand to the best of my abilities what my clients are feeling and I imagine how they would have liked to see themselves. I put my soul in my images; therefore, it is important for me to find a common ground with my clients. It is important for me to show my clients inner being of the images that I produce. The ability to transport people to a scene and to feel the emotions of all involved. It is marvelous when images reflect the photoshoot’s emotions. As a photographer I prioritize to capture the essence of the photo-shoot taking place. Every shot is a message. If it touches your heart it means I got the message through.

Being a perfectionist in my heart, and using both cutting-edge technical solutions and my ever-expending knowledge, I strive to translate your thoughts into a mesmerizing image. Whether it’s a wedding, a family union, adorable babies or photos for personal collection, I will always dedicate my life-long experience to exceed your expectations.

I operate mainly in Oslo and it’s area, although I’m always open for extended offers outside the area. Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding any matter.